Innovation Meets Collaboration

to build a Better Tomorrow

Meeting the growing demand for food through ecologically sustainable practices requires producers to be efficient and innovative. Global players in the agri space are addressing this challenge through new business models, consolidation and a continued focus on research and development.



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Inspired by Science and with a deep understanding of future trends, we at PI continue to build on our unique, integrated, innovation led, partnershiporiented business model across the value chain to provide products and solutions.

The exports CSM business entails understanding of customer needs and using our technological and manufacturing capabilities to provide efficient solutions to global standards of safety and quality. In the domestic brand market, driven by the quest for market dominance, we are leveraging emerging technology in the digital space to deepen customer intimacy. This helps us develop marketing strategies to connect with our channel partners and farmers and address customer needs efficiently on realtime basis. Our partnerships with global innovators, based on more than four decades of trust, continue to serve us well.

Our people work tirelessly in delivering our vision where science led innovation meets collaboration


Chairman’s & MD Messages

Mr. Narayan K. Seshadri

“Creating, acquiring and assimilating Intellectual Property is PI’s strategy for responsible, sustained and profitable growth. The strides made by our research & development team, innovation in our manufacturing, the deep understanding of customer needs by our IT, marketing and sales teams, and the leadership’s exponential thinking to find solutions will clearly keep PI at the forefront.”

Mr. Mayank Singhal

“Weathering these challenges, we introduced 5 new products in the domestic market and commercialized 4 new molecules during the year. We continued to strengthen our R&D prowess and initiated construction of two new plants. All these initiatives and hopefully a favourable operating environment shall enable us post a much improved performance in FY19 and beyond.“